430 hot roll stainless steel sheet

Save a massive £60 on Dihl Stainless Steel Sensor Bin

Perfect for in the kitchen, this stylish Dihl Stainless Steel Sensor Bin allows for hands-free and hygienic use. Click here to get yours now.

Panasonic Stainless Steel and Glass Toaster for $70 + free shipping

Panasonic Stainless Steel/Glass Toaster $70

Bonnie Stern: Look like a big spender on Valentine’s Day by making these easy truffles

Let’s go back in time to when Valentine’s Day was a sweet, less commercial celebration without all the pressure to buy presents

Are stainless steel appliances still fashionable?

The question

Petersen Automotive Museum soups up its exhibits and cherries out its exterior

The boxy former department store on the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue has been wrapped in textured hot-rod-red aluminum and caged by hundreds of shiny stainless-steel ribbons. Like a flashy sports car, it's impossible to miss.

Indestructible ghost

Artist Anya Gallaccio's "first permanent public work" sees her create a "ghost tree" from stainless steel.

Marc Quinn's steel shells wash up among the fountains at Somerset House

Five stainless steel shells by sculptor Marc Quinn have been installed at the Fountain Court on The Strand

China loses WTO appeal in stainless steel dispute with EU, Japan

GENEVA, Oct 14 (Reuters) - China lost an appeal ruling on Wednesday in a World Trade Organization dispute in which Japan and the European Union had complaine

Antiques: Mid-century Electrohome stereo is stunning

Q: This teak roll-top Electrohome stereo on stainless-steel supports has a working turntable with auto-change mechanism and an AM/FM radio. It is 1.6 metres wide and 61 centimetres deep. Bought 45 years ago, the piece is in good condition. Is

Robert Welch collection is sleek, stylish and steel

If your family ate dinner with matching stainless steel cutlery last night, you have Robert Welch to thank for it.